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11111 Essay

  • Submitted by: lb0sss
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: English
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|16 (the evil queen Lucifera) PRIDE自豪                                       |with which he ate far too much                                               |
|Suddenly from her seat                                                       |while poor people starved                                                     |
|The royal lady gets up and calls for her carriage马车                         |and always, like an animal                                                   |
|Everyone rushes out, she more slowly,                                         |he vomited 呕吐 , so everybody hated him.                                     |
|Like the dawn-goddess in royal王室的 purple                                   |22                                                                           |
|who brings the dawn from the east:                                           |He was dressed in green vine葡萄 leaves                                       |
|She comes, very brightly;                                                     |so he would not get too hot                                                   |
|The crowds of people in the hall,                                             |and ivy常春藤on his head                                                     |
|Push each other to see her:                                                   |he sweated a lot                                                             |
|Her wonderful light amazes everybody.                                         |he still ate while he rode                                                   |
|17                                                                           |and held a cup                                                               |
|That’s how she comes, and gets into her coach马车                             |from which he drank so much (alcohol)                                         |
|Decorated in gold and pretty with flowers                                     |he could hardly stay in his...

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