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12 Stages Essay

  • Submitted by: dannymendes95
  • on November 25, 2012
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The Twelve Stages of the Journey
1.   Ordinary World: “The Hero’s home, the safe haven upon which the Special World and the Journey’s outcome must be compared.” The Journey begins in the Ordinary World, travels to the Special World, and returns to the Ordinary World.
2. Call to Adventure: The Call to Adventure sets the story rolling by disrupt the comfort of the Hero’s Ordinary World, presenting a challenge or quest that must be undertaken.
3. Refusal of the Call: “A Hero often refuses (or is reluctant) to take on the Journey because of fears and insecurities that have surfaced from the all to Adventure. The Hero may not be willing to make changes, preferring the safe haven of the Ordinary World. This becomes an essential stage that communicates the risks involved in the Journey that lies ahead. Without risks and danger or the likelihood of failure, the audience will not be compelled to be a part of the Hero’s Journey.”
4. Meeting with the Mentor: “The Hero meets a Mentor to gain confidence, insight, advice, training, or magical gifts to overcome the initial fears and face object such as a map, a logbook, or other writing.”
5. Crossing the Threshold: “Crossing the threshold signifies that the Hero has finally committed to the Journey. He is prepared to cross the gateway that separates the Ordinary World from the Special World.”
6. Tests, Allies, Enemies: “Having crossed the threshold, the Hero faces Tests encounters Allies, confronts Enemies, and learns the rules of this Special World. The Hero needs to find out who can be trusted. Allies are earned, a Sidekick may join up, or an entire Hero Team forged. The Hero must prepare himself for the greater Ordeals yet to come and needs this stage to test his skills and powers, or perhaps seek further training from the Mentor. This initiation into this Special World also tests the Hero’s commitment to the Journey, and questions whether he can succeed.”
7. Approach to the Inmost Cave: “The Hero must make the...

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