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1984 Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Personal Freedoms
George Orwell envisioned the year 1984 as being a place where the government is in control.   Orwell wrote 1984 to convey his vision of the future where the government is controlling and the society loses its personal freedoms.   Orwell warns his readers about the dangers of losing their privacy, their family, their freedom of thought, and their freedom of speech.
First, the one value people hold dear to them is their right to privacy.   In 1984, privacy is not given to everyone.   Every house has a telescreen that relays messages and invades the privacy of its occupants.   It is possible to turn the volume down and dim the picture, but “there was no way of shutting it off completely” (2).   The telescreen sees and hears everything that happens and reports it to the government so that the assailant is captured and vaporized.   Big Brother has total control of its society.   Orwell warns that the loss of privacy will make a society like the one of Big Brother.
Another downfall of the governmental control was the fact that the government took the family aspect of marriage away.   A marriage was refused if “the couple concerned gave the impression of being physically attracted to one another” (65).   So that means that the government is trying to eliminate the love and the connection aspect of the

marriage.   Big Brother believes that if two people have a connection, that connection can grow to become a rebellion.   Big Brother also believes the only reason for people to get married is to have children.   There is no other reason for them to get married because they should not love each other.   If the government is able to control who gets married, then there is nothing to look forward to involving family life.  
Third, one aspect that the government should have no control over is thoughts.   But Big Brother is able to do this by intimidation.   Big Brother scares its patrons by using the “Thought Police” (224).   Society is scared to think anything...

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