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2010 Free-Response Question Part C #3 Essay

  • Submitted by: jill123
  • on November 14, 2010
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2010 Free-Response Question part c #3

    The Classical era in history came shortly after the development of the first civilizations. What makes the classical period significant was the development of larger, vaster, civilizations. There were three regions that are included in this era in history: China, India, and the Mediterranean region, which included Greece and Rome. All of these civilizations had unique methods of political control and are a great importance in the world today. However the methods of political control of Han China and Mauryan/Gupta Empire, share a variety of similarities and differences. Although the Mauryan/Gupta Empire had a central king, similar to the Han, their political control was loose, unelaborated, and weak. On the other hand the Han Dynasty had a centralized politically controlled society, which would ultimately set a foundation for a system that would last until a hundred years ago.
    Although the two civilizations seem very different in their methods of political control, there were actually quite a few similarities between Han China and the Mauryan/Gupta Empire. Both civilizations had a central ruler. The Han had an emperor and the Mauryan/Gupta Empire had a king. Both figures were the center of the political system, some taking more authority than others. Both civilizations, at one point, had some sort of political structure similar to a feudal system in which the king or emperor was then center of the government. In early Han China the empire was divided into smaller divisions, which were then under the rule of individual lords. In India the empire was divided into provinces, which were under the rule of royal family members. These provinces were divided into a small series of districts, each then under their individual administrative centers. Both civilizations had distributed uniform code of laws. Also both civilizations had a form of bureaucracy at one point, the Han’s being much stronger than that of the Mauryan....

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