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20th Century Humanities Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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The 20th century could be said to be a period of massive changes throughout the world; science and technology were advancing every day, bringing about inventions and findings that were going to change the world. This was the time when penicillin was discovered, opening a new window for medicine as well as bringing hope to the ill and wounded. In spite of all the great changes that technology offered to the world, it also provided great benefits for war because now countries had planes, poison gas, tanks etc. which increased the amount of death drastically (Cunningham and Reich 531).
The fact that war was at its peak at this period of time made people lose faith in the world; people lived in a depressed state and had an attitude of rebellion because of all the hatred that world wars had brought upon them. This attitude provoked a change in art and literature at this time, and a movement known as Surrealism was born. Surrealism was a movement that inspired a different “state of mind” for the people in the 1920’s; it went against the views and values of that time and inspired a way of observing life in a different manner to an extent of creating a distortion to reality. The intent of Surrealism was to create and escape onto a more beautiful and totally different world where imagination had no limits (Tythacott 19).
The man considered to be the initiator of Surrealism is the well-known writer Andre Breton (1896-1966) who is famous for writing The Surrealist Manifesto (1924). This piece of literature is very closely related to Freud’s concepts of the unconscious; Breton, as Freud, believed in the power of the unconscious among humans and the contradiction that exists between our dreams and the reality (Cunningham and Reich 546).
Surrealism has had many important figures, some of which are composers, writers, sculptors and painters. These men and women basically broke with the tradition of that time, their work went against all rules; they purposefully broke the...

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