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3 Authors Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Synthesis Paper

Barber, Bloom, Mantsios, are authors we have read and analyzed in class and they have many things in common and have very similar principles and ideas. They all believe in similarities such as politics and education. While Barber and Bloom focus on our flawed liberal education as a whole, Mantsios takes it down to the University level. Although these three authors may have different principles and ideas, they can all agree that we have a flawed liberal education system and we are forced to take classes that are not relevant to our specific major.
Allan Bloom, born on September 14, 1930 grew up to be a great philosopher and a professor at many very distinguished Universities, such as, Princeton and University of Chicago. He was also a profound critic of our current Higher Liberal Education system. He never hindered to express his thoughts on this education system we have in place.   His view was not very positive either, really reflected how much he wanted change. “The University now offers no distinctive visage to the young person. He finds a democracy of the disciplines- which are there either because they are autochthonous or because they wandered in recently to perform some job that was demanded of the university. This democracy is really an anarchy, because there are no recognized rules for citizenship and no legitimate titles to rule. In short there is no vision, nor is there a set of competing visions, of what an educated human being is (Bloom, 423).” This shows his many strong viewpoints on how our Universities are not performing to his standards. Bloom believed in a system in which we came into college knowing what we wanted with school and studying our specific major the minute we step foot onto campus. He believed that the minute we set foot on campus, we were told which classes we were supposed to take, thus leaving us with no choices until later in our college life. However, a Bloom inspired curriculum could possible shave off a...

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