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35 Questions To Ask A Coach Essay

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  • on October 28, 2010
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Below is an essay on "35 Questions To Ask A Coach" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. How did you get the job here?
2. How many miles a week do you have your runners run?
3. How many workouts do you do each week?
4. Do you believe in doing doubles?
5. How much do you get paid?
6. How many scholorships do you have for your athletes?
7. What is a good piece of advice you would give to another coach about how to handle athletes that give you trouble?
8. Do you have your runners run a lot of miles during the summer?
9. Do you have your runners take any downtime between seasons, or are they training year around?
10. How fast are your interval sessions?
11. Do you have your runners run hard each day or do they have designated days they might go harder than others?
12. How long are your long runs in season?
13. How long are you long runs during the summer?
14. How many weeks do you spend transitioning to speed?
15. During base mileage do you runners stay in touch with speed at all or just log miles?
16. Is it hard as a coach to keep all of your runners on the same page?
17. If you have superior runner do you find it better to let them run harder on their own or hold them back and try to use them to help bring less fast runners along?
18. Do you do recovery runs?
19. How many recovery runs do you do a week?
20. What pace are recovery runs done at?
21. How fast are your long runs?
22. Do you have your runners do any kind of cross-training?
23. Do you have your runners to do weight workouts or   core work?
24. How do you keep your runners motivated?
25. Do you recruit foreign athletes?
26. When recruiting high school athletes do you go by who is fastest or who you think has the most   room for further development on the college stage?
27. About how many hours a week do you actually spend doing coaching related things?
28. How many hours a week do you spend recruiting?
29. How many athletes a year do you go after and how many of those do you end up getting to come to the school?
30. Is it hard to find a variety of places for your...

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