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360 Degrees Appraisal Essay

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Is your organisation ready for 360-degree appraisal?
Vinita Gupta finds out the right time and process for implementing the 360-degree appraisal system.
Appraisal is a developmental process and also a tool for salary increment or at times punishment (if the appraisal is not good). It is a mechanism using which organizations strive to achieve complete development of an individual. Therefore, the organization should make sure that the appraisal process is transparent and bias free to make sure that no injustice is done.
In an IT organization, employees are the biggest asset and hence the 360-degree appraisal system is a widespread phenomenon and is applauded as a great development tool by many experts. 360-degree appraisals are founded on the idea that any employee’s performance is seen by many others—the manager, peers, direct reports, customers, etc.
Evaluation is done combining the feedbacks received from many people who see different parts of an employee’s performance. Also known as multi-perspective and peer-to-peer feedback, managers, supervisors and employees have found it to be effective in improving their performance.
Right culture is essential
|"There should be at least four to six peer   |
|level responses and six to ten direct       |
|reports responses to be able to implement   |
|the process"                                 |
|- Naresh Shah                               |
|MD, IDC, Bangalore                           |
|Novell                                       |

Many organizations always speculate on when is the right time to start implementing the 360-degree appraisal system. Any time is perfect, the more important thing is doing it right the first time. If organizations have the scale and size to implement it while preserving the anonymity of the participants, it should consider the same.
Naresh Shah, Managing Director, India Development Centre (IDC) in Bangalore, Novell feels that for this kind of an appraisal system, there should...

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