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3hrc Essay

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This is a briefing note to introduce a new manager and give them a better understanding of the organization and its workings.


Current status
As a third sector non-profit organization we serve and dispense alcohol to the local community within the legal age limit, we provide excellent customer care. We offer safe and secure facilities for various actives, pass-times and social interaction. We have two types of customers internal and external. The internal being our members; a candidate for election who must be proposed and seconded by two financial members and an external customer, being a person without membership receiving entry as a guest.
Our object and goals are to afford our members means of social interaction, mutual helpfulness, mental and moral improvement and rational recreation.  

Key Considerations
As a new manager there are certain external factors you must adhere to; Licensing Laws, West Yorkshire Fire Authority, West Yorkshire Police and the Club Institute Union. Within which they each provide us with objectives and regulations we follow to ensure we are working legally and provide a good working rapport , they are as follows for licensing: ~

The prevention of crime and order  

To prevent this club constitution includes rules governing the conduct of member’s and their guests within and adjacent to the club premises. Admission is confined to members and bon fide guests who are controlled through an computerised door entry system. Unaccompanied guests are scrutinised via CCTV before admission and signing in by a host member. Club employees are instructed not to admit or serve any members or guests who behave in a drunk or disorderly fashion. Misconduct is reported to the committee to consider action under the club rules.*

Public safety

To aid in public safety we comply with health and safety and fire safety precautions and regulations. Following risk assessment; preventive and control...

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