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7 Habits Essay

  • Submitted by: lalaftw
  • on November 18, 2013
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TOPIC: Tell us how a particular book, play, film, piece of music dance performance scientific theory or experiment or work of art has influenced you. If you choose a novel, film, or play, assume we know the plot.

Throughout our lives we have come in contact with different pieces writing, screenwriting/ screen playing, artwork and music, most of them being from different writers, and artist. There are parents whom introduce these pieces to their fetus, others to their newborn baby, and then there are the ones who wait for their child to develop some type of understanding. In my case my parents introduced each artistic work according to the development of my brain. When I was just a fetus my mother would play music, different genres and I would react different to each. Once I was born my parents started reading to me, they knew I did not understand but they were helping my brain start familiarizing with the sound of words. As I got a little bit older I started watch movies and T.V. and little by little my parents introduced me to every form of creative work they world and its people have to offer each and every one of us.

I don’t remember half the books I have encountered in the last seventeen years, but at one point in our lives we come in contact with one book, song, play, film, or piece of art that has the power to change our life, it allows us to see life, our life from a different perspective. And from that moment forward your life will never be the same. Sophomore year my AVID teacher required us to buy “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”; at first I hated the book. I even stopped reading along with the class. But one day I decided to read the book, it took me months to read it. Not because I didn’t have time but because I allowed the book to change everything I once stood for. Before I read the book I wasn’t much of a people person, my English teacher told everyone that I hated everyone and I allowed myself to believe I did. As I kept reading I...

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