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A Balancing Act Essay

  • Submitted by: auburn
  • on November 13, 2010
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Deciding to go back to school later in life is indeed a balancing act.   Later in life you have so many other things dependent upon you.   These things have their specific order of importance in your life.   You now attempt to add another apple to the cart without overturning the cart.   Yes, balancing act indeed.   It’s humanly impossible to do all those things we try to do but yet we try.   We sit down, we plan and we think we have it all figured out.   Something comes along and blow that plan right of the water.   An example is this past week.   I had planned things perfectly.   I was going to be totally finished with my assignments by Friday night and spend Saturday and Sunday with my family.   I took breaks at work and read over the lesson presentations.   Things were going great.   Friday arrived and I was in the home stretch.   Then the conspiracy happened.   Yes, conspiracy.   When I arrived home Friday, the power to my street was off.   Living alone, I’m extra secure.   So secure that I couldn’t even get into my own house.   I keep the main door to my enclosed porch locked from the inside and the only way that you can unlock it is from the inside.   I have a privacy fence and the gate to it also locks from the inside.   There is no manual way of letting up a garage door unless you are inside the garage.   Oh well I thought and went to visit my mom.   At 9:50pm, the power company calls to tell me the problem is fixed.   I’m in good shape I thought.   It will be Saturday afternoon when I visit instead.   I get up about 6am and began working.   It’s about 10am Saturday morning and I’m rolling right alone.   I’m close to bring the final parts to this lesson to a close and all I will have left is the discussion questions.   Suddenly, my computer screen goes black.   I began to think perhaps I didn’t realize I was running my computer by the battery and I didn’t notice it was low and it had shut off.   The power button was still lit so I know that was not the case.   I did not yell or scream or...

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