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A Confederation Of States Essay

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A Confederation of States

I. Early State Governments

A. Declared independence in 1776 but congress asked for each new state to draft a constitution to create a new government. They all wanted a Republics that is a government where the people elected the officials.
II. Leaders preferred a unicameral legislature, or one with single house whose members elected their representatives. Thomas Paine of the Patriots wanted to put more power in hands of people, but many distrusted the ability of the common people.
III. Most States like Massachusetts and New York, wanted more of the Unicameral legislature that has two houses of body making, a house of representatives and the Senate which has the power of wealthy well-educated gentlemen and the power of the common voters in the house.
IV. There were many states who were opposed to the new government. Democratic and conservative Patriots disagreed about who would vote. Democratic Patriots wanted all free men to vote and Conservative wanted on landholders like the old government. Adams warned that allowing poor men to vote would confuse things and destroy the government.

Freedom of religion was one of the rights guaranteed by most states. The Virginia Statue passess for Religious freedom in 1786 religious liberty and pluralism become the normal way. Thomas Jefferson drafted this statue.

Congress creates the Articles of Confederation
1. In 1777 Congress drafted the original constitution for the union of the states called the Articles of Confederation.

2. In article two it reads: Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom and power..
3. The power to make, implement and enforce laws were all placed with the government. Each state sent delegates to Congress to represent them no matter how small or large they were but they has a single vote.
4. The articles granted certain powers to Congress such as right to declare war and negotiate peace, to regulate foreign affairs and administer relations with Indian...

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