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A Difficult Time Essay

  • Submitted by: austinross
  • on November 18, 2013
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Problems and difficult times come and go in all of our lives. Some big, some small. We handle them in our own ways. They can be no big deal and we forget they ever happened soon after. Or, they can affect us throughout our entire life, and they can change who we become long after that single event is done and gone. When I was ten years old, one such event happened to me, and I am forever changed because of it.
It was November 16th and I remember, I was unloading a box full of dishes, washing them and putting them away. My parents and I had just moved to a new house, and it was such a beautiful day outside. I don’t think I have ever seen a clearer sky then that Colorado skyline. Just as I put the last cup away I heard a knock on our door, and watched as my step-mom walked over to open it. I was thinking that maybe it would be our new neighbors, or maybe a relative here to help us unpack. But when she opened the door, I watched her collapse onto the floor. I sprinted over to her thinking she had been hurt, confused at what was playing out in front of me. As I got around the door, I saw two men filling the threshold, both wearing their Dress Blues. Two Marines. At first I was blank, I couldn’t think, but then it hit me. I knew what had happened and why they were here, I knew exactly what this meant. They were here to tell me that my brother, Justin, would not be coming home.
The two Marines came inside and sat down with us to tell us everything that had happened. Justin was killed in action on November 13th, 2004. His platoon was out searching for improvised explosives devices along road sides. They had come across one but were all too close. Justin leapt onto it, and covered the blast. Others were injured, but he prevented anyone else from being killed. He is a hero, and always will be. He was awarded The Purple Heart, a Bronze Star with Valor, a Gold Star, and was under consideration for a Medal of Honor. The funeral was set to take place in our home town of Mt....

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