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A Friend That I Won Essay

  • Submitted by: heghine
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: English
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Heghine Grigoryan
Writing #6, ESL 6 A
A Friend That I “Won”
Each person in the world has friends or at least one, who worth a million friends. It is clear that we don’t win friends in the game or a battle, we get them naturally. Human beings are the wonders of the world that created God and gave us so many wonderful abilities such as the ability to hear, see, or feel. Owing to our feelings somehow we feel and understand if we can get along with a certain person or not and is there a possibility of making a good friendship with that person. If we like him or her, we try to win their attention, their friendship, trying to be nicer with him; for example, to do for him anything at anytime.
Two years ago I had been living in Los Angeles already for one year, but unfortunately I didn’t a real good friend. All who were around me were my relatives who are much older than I or younger. I started to go to the Evans Adult School. Each day I went to school by bus and every day I saw in the bus a boy and a girl. They always were sitting together and reading English books.   The boy seemed to me older than the girl. I thought she is about 16 years old.   I predict that they are brother and sister. I was right—they are brother and sister, but at that time she was 20 years old.
One day one of the students from the school introduced me with both of them. The boy’s name is Narek and the girl’s Tamara. I told them that we come to school together every day, but we never spoke. They’d noticed me too. I was shy to make the first step. However, I am always shy to make the first step, I’d stand in the angle and wait when somebody comes to me and meet. We exchanged with our phone numbers because one of us might need a book of English class that we could lend to each other. We didn’t communicate too much in the school. I thought about Tamara that she is kind of a girl that always studies, always at her books, so she won’t be interested in communicating with me. Tamara thought...

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