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A Lesson Before Dying Essay

  • Submitted by: afokuo4573
  • on November 24, 2012
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As the novel progresses Gaines shows that Jefferson’s visits with grant enable Jefferson to gradually reject the notion that he is only a hog recognize his full potential to arise as a man and a hero for his people.
Gaines shows lack of potential in Jefferson and that Jefferson believes he is a hog because when grant goes to visit Jefferson in jail and he as him if he is hungry he says “you brought some corn” “that’s what hogs eat”. Another way Gaines shows that Jefferson believes he is hog is when grant talks about Miss Emma Jefferson says “hogs don’t give nothing hogs don’t leave nothing”. Gaines shows that Jefferson doesn’t think he is a hog and not a human because when grant brought some food Jefferson he started eating without using his hands   because he says that’s how a old hog eats.
Gaines shows Jefferson beginning to change and recognize his own humanity when. Grant brought Jefferson started talking about the ice cream he says “I want me a whole gallona ice cream”. Another way Gaines shows Jefferson beginning to change is when grant brought some pecans from the children and he Jefferson says “tell the children thank you for the pecans” Gaines shows that Jefferson is beginning to recognize his own humanity because he is starting to show emotions because he is happy that he is going to get ice cream and that he is starting to show emotion.
Gaines shows that Jefferson achieved self actualization and Jefferson reached his full potential by the end of the novel. At the end of Jefferson’s journal he writes “tell them I’m strong tell them I’m a man” another way Gaines shows that he reached his full potential is when Paul says “he was the strongest man in that crowded room”. Gaines shows that Jefferson reached his full potential by the end of book because Jefferson is ready to die and be a hero and when he went to the chair he was strong and a man.

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