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A Man I Admire Essay

  • Submitted by: heghine
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: English
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Heghine Grigoryan
Writing #4, ESL 6 A
A Man I Admire
A man whom I admire is Khachatur Abovyan. K. Abovyan is one of the greatest Armenian classic writers; also, educator-democrat, teacher, ethnographer, and the founder of the modern Armenian literature and new literary language. He lived in XIX century. When I was a teenager, I didn’t like to read books. However, when I once read one of Abovyan’s books, I almost fell in love with it. The reason was because his style of writing was unusual for me. At the time when he lived, Armenian classic language was very common, but he preferred to write in spoken language to reach the masses, to reach his people. His style of writing really amazed me, and he reached my thoughts.
Khachatur Amovyan was very educated person as his parents.   He didn’t like illiteracy in people, so due to it he tried to help people. He opened schools in Armenia to educate children. He changed minds of youth Armenians. He put them on the right way of life. He worked hard to support children with their education. He tried to be closer to youth Armenians because they were his tomorrow.
Abovyan was a writer-patriot. He loved his Fatherland very much. Also, he was politically a democrat. He did his best to do many good things for people. He didn’t think about himself and his family as much as he thought about his country and his people.
Khachatur Abovyan is a person whom I really admire and glad that Armenia has him. Any country has to have this type of patriot to recall people about their motherland and bring their attention to main points of life. His qualities, such as kindness, care of his people, or love and respect to his homeland really admires me. During his short life (40 years) he did many things for Armenian people. He is unique for me because he is one of the people whom I know, who first of all cared about his people, but never about himself. His love to his homeland I’ve never seen in other people. One day he walked out...

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