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A Married State Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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The poem “A Married State” is written by Katherine Philips, it is about a woman expressing her point of view on marriage. The poem was written during the 17th century therefore it shows many stereotypical features of what a woman would be doing around that time. The poem is based on the negativity of a married life of a woman in the 17th century. As referring to the stereotype of the 17th century, the women of those days used to be shy and they possessed less dominance over men, making men more dominant, However in such period of men dominance, Katherine in this poem has shown her boldness by going totally opposite of the stereo type and gave her point of view about marriage. Katherine has used Rhyming couplets which makes her poem sound catchy, and iambic pentameter gives the poem a nursery rhyme feel. Philips believes that life of a married woman is even worse than that of a single woman. Married women have to worry about pleasing their husbands. They have to feed the crying children and maintain house and home, whereas Single woman never have to suffer the “pangs of childbirth” or listen to “children’s cries for to offend their ears”.
Katherine first conveys her message by describing the state of marriage life in those days, this is evident when she says: “A married state affords but little ease/ the best of husbands are so hard to please.” This warns unmarried women that marriage can only afford some ‘ease’. The word ‘afford’ shows that marriage cannot give you any more than ‘little ease’ as it cannot afford any more. As a woman, every woman dreams of a husband who is caring and understanding. These characteristics are classified as being the ‘best’ husband, but Katherine addresses to the unmarried women and tells them that their dreams might come true, as in, they might find the ‘best husband’ but the husband’s demands will be really high, and they would not be pleased if such demands are not met. This will clearly discourage any woman who is still to tie a...

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