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A Minor Act Of Provocation Essay

  • Submitted by: peladita22
  • on November 19, 2010
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On Halloween Eve, Beaui Bruneau a young teenager woke up and decided to kill his mother. According to one article, He told detectives he'd been concerned that his mother was “trying to kill him by neglecting him and yelling at him.'' So he decided on Saturday she needed to die. Stories of random aggression and violence such as this, all too often bring questions to the media. What is the cause of this unleashed aggression? Teens usually do not just randomly think of hurting their loved ones. How can we come to explain such acts of aggression and violence? Is this act of aggression triggered by an act of provocation or is walking away usually the best approach? Not everyone agrees, walking away from our problems is the best choice to make. Why not stand up and fight? No one wants to be called a coward.
There are many types of aggression we all use throughout our lives. It is all triggered from a minor act of provocation which enables some sort of action with intent to harm. Whether big or small aggression does not happen on its own. For example, a woman gets yelled at by her supervisor at work, due to the fear of losing her job she decides not to assault her boss. She was aggravated when she came home and the first thing she saw was her dog laying on the floor, so the woman kicks her dog out of the way. In this case the dog did nothing to deserve a kick, but the woman released her aggression out on the dog because she had to let out her frustration. The Dictionary defines Provocation as “the act of provoking; something that incites, instigates, angers or irritates.” What provoked her to kick her dog was the yelling of her supervisor. After this frustrating event, in order for the woman to aggress it will require more provocation. Using the same example as above, when the woman comes home from work and her dog is barking at her, she overreacts and kicks her dog hard. While the provocation was minor, the woman was already agitated and when her dog started to bark, it...

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