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A Modest Proposal Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Many years ago Ireland suffered from women and children being poor and beggars. It wasn’t a pretty sight to be around at the time. For the children they really only had three options which were to become thieves, join the army and fight for Span or sell themselves to Barbados. This was really sad to know that growing up you really had nothing to look forward to when you were older. With Ireland being such a great place that so many people visit, this was really hard to believe from the get go. There were many different ideas and opinions but really only one that stood out to everyone and even caught the queen’s attention.
With so many ideas being thrown around about how to reduce the population of poor people there was one that just couldn’t be ignored. A man by the name of Jonathan Swift came up with the idea that selling and eating children would be the key to reducing the poor population in Ireland. He believed that we should take care of these malnourished children and then sell to them to rich landowners. There were many who believed this to be absurd and the craziest thing they’d ever heard but Mr. Swift thought this was the greatest thing ever. He came up with many of what he thought were logical and beneficial reasons as to why we should follow through with this method. This is absolutely shocking to believe someone would actually think this would work and then come up with a set of reasons to back it up.
Swift’s plan started off with nourishing and taking care of the baby until it reached the age of one. After reaching the age of 1 the baby would then be ready to sell. He thought that by selling the baby it would make it easier on families because they wouldn’t have to invest into that child. Swift had a real weird mindset because he believed by selling the poor children to rich landowners it was a sense of the rich in society getting rid of the poor. He also thought by selling poor children to eat that would then make them beneficial to the public.

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