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A Monster's Importance Essay

  • Submitted by: goBEARS
  • on November 18, 2010
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A Monster’s Importance

The importance of a monster or supernatural being to a story can often be confused for only being there for mystery, excitement, or entertainment, but the following cases prove that their worth is much greater than that in the grand scheme of things. Whether the monsters or loathly ladies of the works discussed in class can be classified as monster, inhuman, or somewhere in between, these characters can strangely teach readers what it meant to be human socially, aesthetically, and spiritually in the times in which each story was written. After a close reading of many such works, one can come to the conclusion that being human meant being a child and lover of God, for in-text clues about God make it seem like being human meant being not only a descendent of God, but also a lover of God. Physical and supernatural characteristics of a human being also had strict standards, and if any lines were crossed the character became something less or more than human. Of all five of the chosen characters, not one seems to fit the human mold completely, for whether they are monsters or not, each one is supernatural one way or another. Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon from Beowulf, the Green Knight from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and the loathly lady from “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” play important roles in each works’ depicted social structure and ideas about what it meant to be human in the society of the times.
In each work, criteria for being human is explored, but one reoccurring idea is that to be from God, to love God, and to love all of those from God is one way to be human. If one looks beyond the obvious reasons as to why Grendel cannot be considered fully human, his hatred for mankind and God, as well as what seems to be God’s unwillingness to aid him puts him in the category of being subhuman for the times in which Beowulf was written.   The unknown author says that, “…God would not grant throne-gifts to gladden / a scourge who...

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