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A Nature Walk for the Senses Essay

  • Submitted by: jakplassy
  • on November 25, 2012
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Everyone has their own places to get away. This place could let them relieve some stress for a while, let them just have time to themselves, or even add excitement to their lives. My getaway place does all three for me: The Woods. Some may wonder how in the world the woods would be a relaxing place to be, but I don’t see how that’s even in question. Nature in itself is peaceful and serene; it takes away all the stress from a person’s “real world” problems. Besides this, the wild can make a change in a person for the better. It has made me into a more appreciative and observant person of the surroundings and great things that God has given us that many people overlook and take for granted.
When I take that first crunchy step into the rustic woods of mid-Missouri on a warm autumn day, I automatically feel the vibe of the forest. The birds chirping away at each other, in the secret sing-song languages of each one’s respective species, the squirrels scurrying around, giving me a sudden rush when they all of a sudden scamper off down a tree and frighten me. I hear a low rushing sound that seems familiar to the sound of air escaping a ball or tire. The sound grows louder and louder until it almost engulfs me—then it does. It is a mighty gust of cool wind blowing through the trees and eventually hits me, causing the hair on my arms to stand on end, while I can smell a faint mixture of grass and old books.
I look around at all the colorful trees. The sassafras with its blazing orange mitten shaped leaves complements the deep red tint of the sumac. I remember when I was younger, when my father and I would go out this time of year, find a sassafras tree on a hill, and dig up some of its roots for the rich sweet-tinged smell of “root beer”. We would often wait until after a good rain; that way the ground was soggy and easier to manipulate. I could almost taste the warm tingling sensations of sassafras tea as I thought about it now, and how it brought me back to those...

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