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A Really Poor Screenplay. Essay

  • Submitted by: sampurdy
  • on November 17, 2013
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The Maxim of Life
By Sam Purdy


Scene 1

Setting: Time and space seem to be moving slowly, nothing is in real time. Camera fades into a hospital room, nurses and doctors treating a severely ill patient TOM ALDEN (15) who is on the hospital bed and is sedated. Doctors are doing all they can to help the patient, the dialogue of the doctors is not clear, all of the sounds that are going on sound faint and in the distance somewhere. Panning out from the room into the lobby outside. Directly outside of the doors of the room are the parents of the patient, SANDRA (48) and JACK ALDEN (48), Sandra is weeping whilst JACK holds and comforts her. The camera pans over the head of the main character SAM ALDEN (13), he is sitting in a chair. The shot then moves along to Sam's motionless face, he is slouched in the chair with a slight expression of anger and frustration, but moBackground noise slowly fades out.

Camera cuts to the next day, it's 7AM, all is quiet, Sam is lying in bed staring at nothing, into emptiness.

Have you ever had the feeling inside as if time has stopped? (PAUSE)
As if everything around you has just become nothing. That everything has just become one big amount of nothing but somehow everything around you is going at a million miles an hour and even though you re aware that things are going on you have somehow become stuck in a void between the real world and your own consciousness? Almost as if you are on the outside looking in at your own life. Like God has reached into your body and pulled out your soul but then decided not to take your consciousness and your functionality with it. (PAUSE)
Well on the 23rd of March 2010 I experienced just this feeling.


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