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A Second Term? Essay

  • Submitted by: TeKyah
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Has Barack Obama done all that he should do to receive a second term in the White House?   The economy is in a position that would decline his chances of becoming president again.   The plans that were presented have shown to be very effective towards the success of the country.   Several policies have been passed to help all the American people who could not afford to live a prosperous life.   The Recovery Act was signed to provide job opportunities for those that had trouble finding work.   This bill also funds unemployment to able-bodied people who experienced trouble with their occupation and got fired for unethical reasons.   The Health Care plan is one of the strategies that have provided medical care for all American people.   Obama is an inspirational figure to many people because of the wise decisions he has made.   As the first African American to be the President of the United States, Obama has done an excellent job.   He is fit to be president because of all the hard work and success he had with his first term.   Several critics have challenged his authority because of his ethnicity.   There are people that dislike him but, others love his humble character.
This economy has been defiled with the high rise of food, cloths, and gas prices and people are still angry with this issue.   A number of citizens of America are in a state of depression because of all the hardships and complications that are encountered every day. Many of the presidential issues were inherited from the previous president which makes the current president look bad.   Plenty of the existing difficulties are being blamed on Obama because people want him to make all the problems disappear. “The president took office with the country in total disarray, financial troubles, racial divide, medical and educational issues” (Harrell).   The people have to make a choice; elect Obama and weather the storm or, elect Romney and hope for the best.   Obama has started to rebuild the hope of the people by...

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