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A Terrible Day Essay

  • Submitted by: hpanna
  • on November 18, 2013
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A Terrible Day
Church has always been such a happy place to be. I have always had a calming sensation come over me while in church. However on this particular day all that was lost. On this day we all received terrible news.
It was Sunday, July 13, 2003. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I was sitting in church; the sanctuary was so serene. All I could hear was the pastor’s deep base voice as he preached. I was sitting on the front pew, hoping that the pastor did not jump the pews like a kangaroo. Beside me sat Davana, the mother of my best friend, Deseray. Davana with her long wheat colored hair was wearing a long flowing black skirt and a beautiful sea colored tank top.
As the pastor was preaching in walked Davana’s father and two police officers. Davana’s father was a tall robust gentleman; when he walked in with tears ready to pour down his face like a levy breaking, we knew something was wrong. Davana’s father with his extremely deep voice cracking said, “I am sorry to interrupt; but I need to speak with my daughter.”
“Why, what’s wrong?” Davana cried.
“Miss, please step outside with us. We have something extremely important to discuss with you.” The officer begged.
Davana looked at me with a deep concerned look on her face, for we had not heard from Deseray yet. Deseray said she would call when she made it to her father’s home in Alabama. Just as the pastor began preaching, we could hear Davana scream as if she was shot, “No, not my children!”
Everyone scattered chaotically from the church like a mad mob. I darted to Davana as if I were running to save my life. That is when she told me, for certain, that Deseray had departed. This distraught mother could not tell me when, where, or how this occurred; she had tears pouring down her face like a waterfall. As the pastor asked everyone to step back inside it hit me like a deer in headlights; my best friend was actually gone. My heart broke like a hammer shattering a mirror.
The pastor...

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