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A&P Anatomy and Physiology Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Below is an essay on "A&P Anatomy and Physiology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Chapter Twenty
Introduction to Cardiovascular System
The Pulmonary Circuit
Carries blood to and from gas exchange surfaces of lungs
The Systemic Circuit
Carries blood to and from the body
Blood alternates between pulmonary circuit and systemic circuit
Three Types of Blood Vessels
Carry blood away from heart
Carry blood to heart
Networks between arteries and veins
Also called exchange vessels
Exchange materials between blood and tissues
Materials include dissolved gases, nutrients, wastes
Four Chambers of the Heart
Right atrium
Collects blood from systemic circuit
Right ventricle
Pumps blood to pulmonary circuit
Left atrium
Collects blood from pulmonary circuit
Left ventricle
Pumps blood to systemic circuit
Anatomy of the Heart
Great veins and arteries at the base
Pointed tip is apex
Surrounded by pericardial sac
Sits between two pleural cavities in the mediastinum
The Pericardium
Double lining of the pericardial cavity
Parietal pericardium
Outer layer
Forms inner layer of pericardial sac
Visceral pericardium
Inner layer of pericardium
Pericardial cavity
Is between parietal and visceral layers
Contains pericardial fluid
Pericardial sac
Fibrous tissue
Surrounds and stabilizes heart
Superficial Anatomy of the Heart
Expandable outer auricle (atrial appendage)
Coronary sulcus: divides atria and ventricles
Anterior interventricular sulcus and posterior interventricular sulcus:
– Separate left and right ventricles
– contain blood vessels of cardiac muscle
The Heart Wall
Epicardium (outer layer)
Visceral pericardium
Covers the heart
Myocardium (middle layer)
Muscular wall of the heart
Concentric layers of cardiac muscle tissue
Atrial myocardium wraps around great vessels

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