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Abcdefg Essay

  • Submitted by: tanaznourian
  • on November 24, 2012
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Avenida Calafia, 200 Block (8:57 a.m.) A woman called police to report a motorhome that had at least two subjects living in it across the street from where she as walking. The woman told authorities that she was not upset that they were living in it, she was upset because they were urinating and deficating on the dirt path and hillside where she has to walk in order to avoid traffic.

Avenida La Pata / Avenida Vista Hermosa ( 2:06 p.m) A man suspected that someone stole his phone and after tracking it to a local park, he told authorities that he thought that a group of male juveniles at the park have it.

Monday August 27 (Cont.)

Camino Tierra, 6000 Block (9:41 a.m.) A man called police when his neighbor was threatening to kill his dog with a baseball bat because the dog was running loose in the street.

South El Camino Real / Avenida Barcelona (1:24 p.m.) A patrol check was requested when three male subjects wearing black hats were said to be staggering down the street. The informant told police that it appeared as if the suspects were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Avenida del Reposo, 100 Block (1:45 p.m) Police stopped a vehicle on a routine traffic stop and after the subjects claimed to have bought the vehicle the day before, they had no paperwork to prove the recent purchase and registration of their car.

El Camino Real, 2400 Block (2:58 p.m.) Hotel employees called police when a woman, who was reportedly intoxicated, was refusing to leave the hotel's property, even after she had already checked out.

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