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About Government Essay

  • Submitted by: liuli15648
  • on November 17, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Government, which takes the sustainable development of its people into consideration, should assume responsibility for preserving publicly owned wilderness areas, which, despite having no direct bearing on human lives, is so unique and valuable that no man-made things can substitute. .

In the first place, the wilderness areas bespoke real freedom, which has already lost its original meaning in today’s enormous man-made environment. It can be argued that our human beings don’t suffer from the lack of freedom, which can even be find expression in The Declaration of Independence. However, if the freedom is measured by the ability to do whatever one wants, most of us have not so much freedom as supposed.   Giving more than a passing thought to our daily lives, we engaged ourselves into chasing those illusory fulfillments of material needs, which bind us so tightly that not a moment can be left us to pursue our real needs. For example, if a man owns high-salaried jobs, a car, a house and any other possessions, he will be tied down by his car insurances, his mortgages, bills, consumer debts and various material things. So in this light of freedom, those people living in the wilderness areas are freest people in the world. These people don’t need to toll for salary, to serve debts or to store possessions. Despite they may have their own risks and limits, their souls are real free, without any binds. So long as there remains some wilderness where people can go to escape the binds, the freedom can retain its former meanings.

Apart from those spiritual effects that the wilderness areas bring to our human, the aesthetic dimension of these wilderness areas can not be ignored as well. The grotesque rocks and spectacular waterfalls presenting in the Yellow Stone Park attracted millions of tourists every year throughout the world. These amazing beauties that created by the nature can even afford us a glimpse of a different but higher realm of existence. Such beauties, which...

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