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Abstinence Essay

  • Submitted by: KayleeRoland
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Nearly 400,000 teens (15-19 years old) give birth each year in the United States. 45.3% of these pregnancies occurred while using "highly effective" contraceptives. The STD rates seem to blossom each year, even with the use of condoms. Physical issues such as these, and emotional tolls due to sexual intercourse can be avoided with one simple step: Abstinence. Choosing to save yourself for marriage is the only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy, STDs, and emotional distress due to sex.
Abstinence is the most logical commitment to make to yourself. It fully prevents many health problems effectively. First off, it 100% reduces the risk of getting pregnant; teen pregnancy is one of the most atrocious epidemics sweeping our nation. Abstinence fully prevents this problem from occurring. It also prevents you from getting any STDS; the STD rates in the United States are gradually increasing each year and abstinence is the only way to completely put a stop to it. And lastly, It could potentially help women avoid any maternal health issues. Sometimes due to STDS and what-not, the fertility of a woman could be affected. So in order to not put your health at risk, you should choose abstinence.
Aside from the health tolls that sex takes on a people, it also affects them emotionally. After having sex at an early age, people can feel regretful, betrayed, or used- depending on the situation. But if you only have sex with someone you are lawfully and faithfully committed to, all of these feelings can be avoided. Waiting for someone who is in love with you, takes a vow to be with you forever, and is committed to you as well is the best way to stay emotionally stable during times of sexual activeness.
If the physical and emotional advantages of remaining abstinent were not enough to convince you, abstinence is also the most ethical way to be. The Bible contains many scriptures about abstinence. If it's in the book of God, then there is no denying it. However, if you are...

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