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Abusive Supervisor Essay

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A Critique of “Predictors of Abusive Supervision: Supervisor Perceptions of Deep-Level Dissimilarity, Relationship Conflict, and Subordinate Performance”

      A Critique of “Predictors of Abusive Supervision”

The article “ Predictors of Abusive Supervision” offers suggestions and perspectives to
help mediate the relationship between abusive supervision and deep-level dissimilarity.   The
subordinates are often perceived by their supervisor as not performing up the standard job
requirements.   It focuses on determining the three predictors of abusive supervision that
was not examined prior.   The information provided is based data collected from supervisor-
subordinate path-analytic tests.   The authors provide a model of the three predictors as
associated with abusive supervision.   The information presented by the authors seem to
be based on research from workplace diversity, victim precipitation, and relationship conflict.
The article describes how “Predictors of Abusive Supervision” illustrate the abuse and how
the employee is affected emotionally, psychologically, and physically.
Reflection, identification, and a review should be shared between the abusive supervisors
and the subordinate.   I read in the article that a percentage of US workers suffer from abusive
supervision and harsh treatment at work (Tepper, Moss, & Duffy 2011).   It may also be received
from others in a superior or authority role.   Embarrassment may occur in a public place such as
the break room or at a team meeting.   Anger and bad feelings may also result toward the
abusing supervisor. This is something that I have witnessed at a previous employer.
Several publications that identified the reasons why supervisors target their abuse toward
low-performing employees were referenced by the authors of this article.   Supervisor skills
should be mastered through education and additional training with the support of personnel
from the human resources department and the...

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