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Acquasition Essay

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14th August 2009

Christine Chapman Major Development Assessment Department of Planning GPO Box 39 SYDNEY NSW 2001

Dear Christine, Reckitt Benckiser; Exhibition of Environmental Assessment – Response to Submissions

Penrith City Council and the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) have each made submissions in regard to the proposal by Reckitt Benckiser to store Dangerous Goods in Building A2 on the Westpark Industrial Estate in Erskine Park. Neither submission raises objection to the Project Application subject to appropriate operational conditions being enforced on any approval issued by the Department of Planning. FDC Construction and Fitout Pty Ltd (FDC), on behalf of Reckitt Benckiser, provide the following response in regard to the issues raised by Council and the DECC.

Penrith City Council Points one, two and three provide information pertaining to the proposal and existing surrounding development. These points are noted and require no further comment.

Point 4 notes that ‘offensive or hazardous industries’ and ‘offensive or hazardous storage establishments’ are prohibited in the 4(e1) Employment Restricted zone. A Preliminary Hazard Analysis was prepared in accordance with SEPP33 and concluded that the ‘development did not exceed any established criteria for individual, societal or bio-physical risk or increase the level of risk associated with the existing facilities’. The proposed activity was considered to be consistent with the nominated objectives of the 4(e1) zone as described in Section 4.4 of the Environmental Assessment.


Point 5 relates to the proposed activity in relation to Clause 10 and 19 of the Penrith Local Environmental Plan (Erskine Park Employment Area). The proposed development is considered consistent with these clauses. This was addressed in Section 4.4 of the Environmental Assessment.

Point 6 refers to the assessment of the proposed development against the relevant sections of The Penrith...

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