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Adhd Review

  • Submitted by: tgriffin60
  • on November 17, 2013
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ADHD Review

The CDC’s message to the public is believed to be in their motto. “Saving Lives, Protecting People.” The website is www.cdc.gov/ncbdd/adhd/facts.html and it shows the basics of ADHD.   As you read along to a series of other facts, the website also gives more pertinent information unheard on other sites I have visited. The CDC provides data statistics, research and educating the public on known or unknown information. Instead of giving limited information the CDC shares more in depth core facts about multiple topics.
The basics page of the CDC website talks about signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. The basics page shares a lot more visual dimension about this part of the website. The different pictures are providing a visual aid of signs and symptoms from the paragraph. A couple signs of ADHD are lack of attention and daydreaming. Just as the picture below shows.
This webpage also gives you different types of ADHD. These are all things the public need to know to uphold the motto of the CDC “saving lives”. Educating the public on what diseases have potentially worse cases. While reading through this page I came across a quote “The cause and risk factors for ADHD are unknown. However this site claims different reasons thought to be causes. So CDC kind of speculated in their research a bit, still providing more trusted information on their site than webmd or any other site.
In the treatment paragraph I learn about how to manage ADHD. The CDC has made this website easy for people with this neurological disorder to reach out to others who share the same experience as themselves. This page gives a few treatment selections like medications, stimulants or non-stimulants, behavior strategies and training on controlling ADHD. This site shares educating tip and points and support for parents coping with children who have this disorder. It shows different tactics for the appropriate ages and type of disorder. On the bottom of this page something...

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