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Adolf Hitler Essay

  • Submitted by: asscar
  • on November 17, 2013
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Bermudez, Oscar

Ms. McCluskey

Period 4 English Acc 3-4

May 31st, 2013

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was an evil dictator and a very powerful leader of Germany. He believed that Jews were aliens who did not speak German. He wanted everyone in Germany to only speak German. He came up with his "Final Solution," to eliminate all the existing Jews in Germany (Hitler and the Jews). Hitler had an out of the blue and malicious life because; of his childhood, elimination of the handicapped, and his time as an evil dictator with his "Final Solution".
      Hitler's childhood was very out of the blue, unlike any other normal child’s childhood. Basically his whole family died from different diseases. "Two of his younger siblings died from diphtheria when Hitler was just a young boy" (Adolf Hitler's Childhood). Adolf Hitler's father also suffered from a disease and later died. Hitler's father died suffered a deadly dead from the bleeding in his lungs (Adolf Hitler's Childhood). Also, his mother went through a painful process of developing breast cancer. "She developed cancer, and went through excruciating, painful, and expensive treatments, and later died" (Adolf Hitler's Childhood). Therefore, his childhood was very horrid and out of the blue with the many deaths in his family.
      Hitler was a very malicious man, who only cared for himself and no one else. He decided to kill anyone who didn't have any ability close to himself. Hitler focused on the mentally and physically disabled to eliminate and get rid of (Holocaust Memorial Museum). Hitler believed that the mentally and physically handicapped were no use, and would be better to take them out. "Hitler believed the handicapped were a waste in use and also affect his Aryan race purity" (Holocaust Memorial Museum). Hitler also wanted to kill anyone without any abilities for physical activity. Doctors would examine each mentally and physically disabled individually, and based them on their capabilities...

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