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Afghan War On Terror Essay

  • Submitted by: emmaklop
  • on November 13, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Afghan War On Terror" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Thesis statement

The U.S war on terror focused on Al Qaeda is more an emotional war than a practical one as Al Qaeda is just a small fraction of the Taliban, therefore we should stop wasting lives and money for a mission that is absolutely impossible.
Almost ten years ago the Al Qaeda terror network, at the time harbored in Afghanistan, attacked the United States of America. (When the last clouds of ash got extinguished, a wave of anger and fear among our citizens caught fire.) (And there where many people fell asleep forever, an army awoke.) (There, where one nightmare had found its ending, another was about to begin.) As an answer on the terror attack of September 11, the Bush administration started the so called “global war on terror”. Afghanistan was identified as a strategic target for the United States, and therefore 100.000 American troops were sent to Afghanistan for the sake of our national security; to prevent another terrorist attack in the future of our western civilization. But are these goals achievable, will America be able to defeat this terrorist network, and most of all: are they worth the human sacrifices? Introduction more focused on main two arguments
Hint that it is not possible. The war in Afghanistan is its 8th year, this is a crucial moment because Obama just send 40.000 more troops and now he promises that he will withdraw. He thought this would be a way to end the war!
Lay out
  * Introduction

  * Arguments against the war in Afghanistan: Innocent civil victims, reintegration problems, money costs. Including thesis statement.

  * Arguments for the war in Afghanistan: (1) But according to Bush, the army will be withdrawn by 2011. (2) Fighting for our national security is worth the sacrifice.                                    

  * Arguments to prove previous arguments wrong

  * Conclusion

Argument for:
"Pakistan's government under the democratically elected leadership of President (Asif Ali)...

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