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Against Gay Marriage Essay

  • Submitted by: dkj003
  • on October 26, 2010
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Dominique Johnson
Composition 1
ENGL 1012
Against Gay Marriage
Gay marriage has been a heavy burden of an issue in the United States for many years. While normal marriage has evolved and changed for many years, people still have the idea of gay marriage as controversial and unsatisfactory. It has been the subject of many nationwide stories, whether or not two people of the same sex are conjoining or someone trying to appeal the process of same-sex marriage.   One of these cases involves author William J. Bennett, who in “Against Gay Marriage”, explains why legalization of gay marriage will corrupt marriage (167). He tries to give reasons as to how letting gays marry will already further annul regular marriage’s “fragile” state and the community (168). Also, he discusses how it could affect children, especially education.()   However, the points that need to be made clear is that there is simply not enough sufficent evidence to support whether or not gay marraige will have such a negative influence on society.
Bennett first talks about The Hawaii Supreme Court finding a new right for the legalization of marriage between gay couple and how if they legalized it, every other state had to due to the Constitution’s *Full Faith and Credit Clause, which summarized that all states withiin the United States respected other states' acts, records, and judicial proceedings. (167). He also states that marriage is too fragile enough to add the possible burden of gay marriage. He questions what would be the point of legalizing gay marriage while further explaining how marriage is more of an   "*acknowledgement and celebration of our most precious and important social act"(Bennett 168). Details about how this could potentially impact young on the shaping of adolescent sexuality, especially in education, are also expained (Bennett 169). Actually his whole case involves on what would this would have an effect on children, concerning gay parenthood. According to Bennett, it is...

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