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Aggression Essay

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  • on November 13, 2010
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“Institutional aggression” is a term which refers to the aggressive behaviour portrayed by groups sharing a common identity and aims, as a ploy to achieve personal or collective goals. This can range from physical abuse to acts designed to destroy national, racial or religious groups. Two explanations of this type of aggression are shown via The Importation and the Deprivation Models.
The Importation Model was derived by Irwin and Cressey in 1962. It states that inmates, who enter prison with certain characteristics such as abnormal values, bad attitudes and a violent/aggressive personality, are more like to contribute in interpersonal violence than other inmates. According to this theory, the brutality portrayed in prisons is not due to the prison itself, but stems from the attributes of those who enter such institutions. A lot of the behaviour illustrated by the inmates is not unusual to the institution as it is due to the same behaviour that many of the inmates have been sent to prison. Cheeseman says that men like this bring with them an already formed way of behaving and simply apply it to the institutional setting. It is also said that younger inmates, as opposed to the older, have a more difficult time adapting to the prison environment and are therefore more likely to have more confrontations. They are also more likely to view violence as the appropriate reaction to conflict.
Many researchers have provided support for the above model. Harer and Steffenmeier analysed data from 58 US prisons and found that black inmates showed significantly higher levels of violent behaviour but lower levels of alcohol and drug use, than white inmates. From this, it was concluded that the differences highlighted in the study, reflect the racial differences in these features within the US society, hence supporting that these characteristics are imported into the prison environment. This is further supported by Kane and Janus who found the black inmates are more likely to...

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