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Alcohol And Its Behavioral Effects Essay

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Alcohol and The Effects on Behavior The articles in which I reviewed dealt with alcoholism and the many different effects it has on behavior. The purpose for each experiment differs, but they all deal whit alcohol and the effects of its behavior. In each of the articles used to complete this research a comparison was mead between people who had been affected by alcoholism to people who had not. The reason for this was to see if alcohol had any effect on an individual’s behavior. In the first study which was done by Wright et. Al, they tested to see if non-adult children of alcoholics (ACAs) who were college students differ from nonclinical ACA college students on problem solving appraisal, perceived social support, suicidal indeation, or substance abuse. They hypothesized that there was no difference between the two (Wright et. al, 1992). Another testby Cooper et. al was given to see if individual therapy in short-term groups would help to improve test scores (Cooper et. al, 1992). Members of ACA support group and ACA college students were compared by Lashubeck et. al, to see if there were a difference in psychological distress, social support, and hardness among ACA’s. From the comparison it was predicted that there would be some difference. Also there was a research conducted by hall et. al, ACA’s and traumatic experience (TE) groups. They compared the ACA and traumatic experience (TE) groups. They compared the ACA and the TE groups with a control group ( the control group were people who have been helped with their problem.) The test also concentrated on the differences in grade point averages (GPAs) and adults who had been exposed to traumatic events during childhood. It was hypothesized that adults with childhood traumatic experience were more likely to encounter difficulties during childhood as well as later in life. There was no difference between the GPAs and the hypothesis tested was true (Hall et.al, 1994) In order to compare the parental drinking among...

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