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Alexander the Great Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Alexander came to be ruler not by vote, but by the assassination of his father, King Philip II, who had been bringing Greece under his control little by little.

Alexander the great was born in the ancient capital of Macedonia, Pella, in 356 B.C. Alexander was born into royalty, his father was King Philip II, while his mother was Olympias, the princess of Epirus. During his childhood he was surrounded by military training and battle. He watched his dad battle and win, victory after victory throughout the Balkans. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was hired as Alexander’s tutor at the age of 13, and taught him science, philosophy, medicine and literature. King Philip II had lived in Thebes and admired Greek culture, which he passed on to his son through Aristotle’s teachings. All these things were very important to him later in life.
At age 16 Alexander was left to rule his father’s kingdom while he assembled an army and invaded Thrace. At this young age he was still very capable and this trust his father had in him ruling his kingdom in his absence showed that. The Thracian tribe of Maedi fought back and rebelled against the Macedonian army. Alexander led his own army against the tribe and conquered Maedi, which he renamed Alexandropoulos. In 388 B.C, while the Macedonians were invading Greece, Philip gave Alexander a commanding post with the senior generals. It was later recorded that the Battle of Chaneronea was won thanks to his bravery.
The family soon split up when Philip married a girl of high nobility, Cleopatra. Father and son got into a fight at the wedding ceremony and fled with his mother to Epirus, until he was to return later on. The year 336 BC in spring a young Macedonian noble assassinated King Philip. With the plan to conquer the Persian Empire already started, King Alexander III had to finish the job. When Alexander took the throne he was already an accomplished soldier, and shared his father’s views on taking down the Persian Empire. During...

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