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Alter Boyz Essay

  • Submitted by: jrtorigian
  • on November 16, 2010
  • Category: English
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Review of a Live Theatrical Performance

Your name: James Torigian

Title of the show: Alter Boyz

When (date) did you see the show? April 15, 2010

Where (city and theatre) did you see the show? I went to Alter Boyz in Aberdeen, at the JFC Theater.

Who (university, community theatre, touring production) produced the show? The Northern State University Theater.

Did you enjoy the show? Would you recommend it to a friend? I did enjoy Altar Boyz. I did not know what to expect going into the musical but the cast made it really entertaining. I would recommend it to a friend. If someone hasn’t seen a musical comedy, I would definitely recommend it to them.

Was the play appropriate for both the actors and the audience? Yes, the play was appropriate for both the actors and the audience. There was a lot of humor that only adults could relate to, which made the play humorous.

Was the play worth doing? Yes, I definitely thought the play was worth doing. I am glad that I participated in Theatre class this year because the class is the reason why I went to the musical, and I came out of the musical comedy with no regrets. I would have to say I will attend another musical in the future.

What was the playwright trying to say? Was it well said? Was it worth
saying? The playwright was about the Altar Boyz who are singing artists. They perform the entire show and have songs including Rhythm in Me, Church Rulez, and Number 918 which was a dark song. All the singers thought they could make it off on their own at the end of the play but realized they should stay together because that is what makes the Altar Boys a great group.

Was the acting convincing? The acting of the Altar Boyz was great. I thought the Mexican character, I think his name was Juan, was hilarious. He was very funny with his jokes and his accent was even better. The main character was good as well. He had a very nice voice and you could tell that he was the lead member of the group and why...

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