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America’s First Class-Warfare Election Essay

  • Submitted by: Lacreole68
  • on November 18, 2013
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America’s first class-warfare election

How Perceived Class Distinctions Affect Elections

Lasaun S. Druilhet

Liberty University

Sociology 200:   Introduction to Sociology

Mark Leadem

November 11, 2013

The Election of 2012 brought forth a battle of classes like no other.   The haves had one opinion of what was best for the country, and looked at what are considered the have-nots as wanting a hand-out, and not looking for the opportunity to make their own way in the world. There was mudslinging and name calling that was unprecedented in an election in history.   This was a classic example of Class Conflict Theory.   The 1%’s who made it their only purpose to discredit President Obama failed to take into consideration that there was a Class Warfare brewing in America.
When the 2012 campaign began the economy was in a lousy state.   The fact that the economy was in such a dire straits, made President Obama very vulnerable. Republican billionaires put up big money in an effort to win the election and discredit his leadership. It would seem that Romney would be able to defeat President Obama in the upcoming election.   However, according to the article, America’s First Class-Warfare Election, what the Republican Party did not take into consideration was the so-called, as Romney infamously scorned “47% of Americans who are victims who don’t take responsibility for their lives”.   Many Americans took that as an insult, especially since it was coming from someone who they considered to be in the 1% of the population that controlled the wealth.
America’s growing diversity and increasing social liberal attitudes played a large role in this election. A middle-class who was becoming increasingly aware that the system was rigged against them became increasingly skeptical of politicians and parties.   They believed that Washington is largely brought and sold. They were looking for someone who can understand their struggle, and relate to them on a human level....

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