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American Dream Essay

  • Submitted by: dkossa75
  • on November 18, 2013
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Everyone has a different idea for their own American Dream. To some, this dream is working hard to earn something that you will use later in life to be successful. For others, the focus is on the journey to happiness, stability and good relationships. The idea of success and the American Dream are intervened therefore they both are constantly changing and growing. However, society’s expectations may keep some from achieving their goals. Social issues, as seen In American literature, have impacted people’s ability to achieve the American Dream in our country’s earliest years, the recent past and during the present time.
      The social issues of freedom of religion as seen in “The Crucible” had an impact on the people’s ability to achieve the American Dream. In this play, there is a group of people accused of practicing witchcraft because of a lie started by a teenage girl. The community is so focused on religious laws that if any one steps out of bounds they are considered in “the devils grip”. (Miller 1.1.1150). The accuser, Abigail is trusted by the town’s people though secretly she wants to be the wife of John Proctor. Her accusations against his pregnant wife cause the town to spiral out of control. During the trials others are caught up in the theatrics when they defend the proctors. To the religious leaders that are serving as judicial leaders. The religious extremes and intolerance of many keeps others from obtaining the American Dream, but as the time progresses it is not just religion that keeps the American Dream, a dream.  
      The social issue of racism as seen in “Of Mice of Men” also had an impact on people’s ability to achieve the American Dream. In the novel, two friends are working on a ranch in California during the depression era. While alone Lennie discovers a man living in the barn; a black man. His name is Crooks and him and Lennie becomes somewhat friends. Later Lennie ask why he isn’t playing cards with the men. Crooks simply said...

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