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American Exceptionalism Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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The notion of American exceptionalism, and its relevance in the American society in the 18th century to date. The concept of American exceptionalism refers to the concept of American special role in the world, having special history that it is the only country in the world founded on a creed described by egalitarianism, liberty, populism, individualism and laissez-faire. This concept started by English Lawyer John Winthrop set to settle on American who urged other sailors to set an exemplarity trend by alluding to biblical city upon the hill in the year 1630. Similar verbatim were also expressed in the year 1976 by Thomas Paine by describing America as a liberty’s beacon in the word. The notion was further popularised in 1914 by the then US president Woodrow Wilson in the sense that he believed that America and American people had the unique work in the World to ‘disseminate’ liberty to other places oversees (Friedman, 2012).
An American Columnist John L. O’Sullivan in a Newspaper column in (1945), coined the phrase manifest Destiny to refer to the divine providence to the United States of America to extend by annexing the whole territories of North America and even further because it was a natural providence for America also projecting the Same image and dogmatism of American exceptionalism (The United States Magazine and Democratic Review, 1845).
In the year 1930, the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, rubbished the notion of American exceptionalism and termed it as heresy, in this occasion, he expelled American leader of the communist Party Jay Lovestone as he accused the American capitalism of being in total contradiction of the Marxism Universal laws (Friedman, 2012).
Another milestone o this notion in American political arena was rekindled in the year 1961 when the then US president F. Kennedy suggested of, the American uniqueness in the pro-freedom efforts all over the world and its sole commitment. In the year 1980...

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