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American Gov Essay

  • Submitted by: tianaw
  • on November 25, 2012
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Dear U.S. representative John Lewis,

The average affect of smoking deaths is estimated 443,000 deaths per year. Smoking causes an estimated ninety (90%) percent of all lung cancer death in men and 80% off lung cancer death in women. Smoking is a really bad habit that most Americans have. Over half of America have this bad habit. Smoking in Georgia is handled pretty well, but I would like to end smoking in any public area. The feeling I get when I happened to inhale the fumes from the poisons in smoke is not very appealing to my lungs. Thirty-five (35%) percent of relatives that live with smokers die from second hand smoke. People say “well I’m not smoking the cigarette so I’m fine”, no they are wrong. I know special places have been arranged and placed for smokers to enjoy their nasty addiction, but ending the right to smoke in public places will lessen the amount of people who smoke. It will lower the death toll of many Americans that die every year. Also I don’t understand how we have other drugs and harmless things put in the law to be illegal for consumption but let cigarettes be a free drug. Cigarettes are just has harmful as crack cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and many more harmful drugs; the list can go on. Cigarettes are also just as addictive as these drugs too. Many people get put away for a long time for having these drugs on them and selling them to citizens for profit but a person who smokes can potentially kill a family member because of their habit and get no jail time whatsoever. I would love to make people aware of what they are not only to doing to their body but the people around them. I would love to walk outside and be able to take a deep breath of the beautiful air but instead I cough and choke on the fumes of smoke and feel it going in my chest. Smokers should not be able to ruin the beautiful air on this planet for families, kids, the elderly and teens. I really hope my letter has given you thought on my idea and perspective of...

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