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American Society: One Nation Under More. Essay

  • Submitted by: seanbrennan
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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American society: One nation under more.

America is a lie. There are no resources in nature is limitless and America exists upon the confines of nature. We are all born with the lie as a Christian is born with original sin. The lie is a self perpetuating myth started by human desire of hope. Hope for more than early settlers and immigrants today are able attain where they lived. The hope America stands for is a presumed birthright of genetic opulence. This hunger for more drove millions to leave sustainability and migrate to America the land without kings. Laurance Shames, holding a Harvard MBA, depicts American consumerism in the first paragraph of “The More Factor,” as “there is no tale more American than this” (90). Suggesting having more is the American story, stitched into the very fabric of our flag. Most of the early settlers cultured the idea dreaming of vast limitless expanses of unclaimed tracts of land. In the old world the idea of a commoner attaining land was imaginable only to the rich and monarchs. Shames implied the end of having an ever expanding economy to support the idea of American prosperity passed us by over twenty years ago on black Monday (94).
The speculators and developers who built towns along prospected train routes to the west, took long shot gambles for rewards seldom realized. Shames describe the idea of eminent success with no account for true failure as “a climate in which ordinary logic and prudence did not seem to apply” (91). Failure in America eluded true failure. It was exempt from the shame and consequence found anywhere else in the world. Failure in the new world is new failure with very little if any consequence. Shames described failures as an accepted factor of doing business, “A fortune lost in Texas might be recouped in Colorado. Funds frittered away on grazing land were nothing grew might flood back as silver. There was always a second chance, or always seemed to be, in this land where growth was destiny and where...

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