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American X Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 19, 2013
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This is England

This was a clip that really caught my eye and it really maked me think about various ways the skinheads was as persons and how they acted as persons.

This clip begins with the skinheads, who confirmed to Hebdige's idealogy of subcultures being similar in dress and style, who are graffitying abuse against muslims on a wall "paki cunt" they also leave thier tag "National Front" which shows that they are not afraid and that people can see thier movement as being right. No faces are shown while the graffitying is being done instead of that their backs are turned from the camera which to me illustated thier actions as being wrong and shameful. The invirorment show the gritty streets of nottinghanshire and also portray that the skinheads are from lower class families. There is a fast change of the clips which is in the shop which is featured earlier in the film. ( The shop is owned by an indian man, a muslim) Shaun walks in casually and there is a close up of his face as he moves close to the workbench, "give me a hundred mags, 2 bottles of wine and lager NOW!" this scene illustrates just how much power the skinheads thought they had as this is a child speaking to a grown man in his shop, something that he’s not is familiar off.. The shots used in this scene focuses on the facial expressions as it is a slightly humorous scene but also deals with the main issues of racism, white nationalism and the attitudes of skinheads as a subculture... Shaun calls the shopkeeper a "paki bastard" This kicks of the scene where he tries to kick Shaun out of the shop, starting by a chase around the shop, the chase is filmed from one angle and shows that skinheads were full of kids. These actions portray a childlike view which is partly correct as the film is about the director Shaun Meadows childhood.
When Combo enters the shop he acts innocent and agrees with the shop keeper about Shauns bad behaviour, this allows the audience to be aware of the real Combo but the...

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