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Americanism Essay

  • Submitted by: rosalani
  • on November 25, 2012
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English 10 (2)
30 September 2012
Are you a true American? The definition of an American seems difficult to understand. After reading the two literary pieces, “How Much Land Does A Man” and “The New Land”, it has become more clear. An American should be someone with admirable qualities. Qualities other Americans will look up to. They should be diligent, proud, and humble.
“Diligence is the mother of good fortune” – Benjamin Disraeli, a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In the story, “The New Land”, good fortune is said to be accomplished by hard work and dedication. According to John Smith, hunting equals wealth equals clothing and food. Good fortune is not just handed to you, it is to be earned. In order to get where you want to be in life, hard work is mandatory. You must have that unceasing will to succeed.
A proud American is a true American. No matter what we do, we do it proudly. Pahom failed at fulfilling this trait that a true American should have. He was never proud enough of anything he was or had. Pahom could’ve had all the land in the world and it wouldn’t be enough for him to be proud of it. As a result, Pahom’s relationships became weaker and life became more of a struggle. He turned against his friends and lost sight of his family. Some of us could argue that he had an unceasing will to succeed, which is another admirable trait of an American. Sometimes being that diligent can cause you to forget the people around you. Therefore, be proud of what you have and stay humble about it.
There is a difference between being cocky and confident. This comes into play in the beginning of “How Much Land Does A Man Need”, we establish Pahom’s wife’s character. She tries to prove herself and her life to her sister. In doing this, she comes across arrogant and overconfident. On the first page she says,   “It often happens that people who are wealthy one day are begging their bread the next. We’ll never grow rich, but we’ll always have enough to...

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