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An Analysis of the Uses of as

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  • on November 24, 2012
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A Analysis of the Syntactic Functions of AS

Abstract: As is a word that has many functions. It can be noun, preposition, conjunction or adverb in sentences, and structure phrases with other words and introduce various clauses. It plays different roles in sentences and also has different functions. This paper analyzes and defines its syntactic functions in seven respects.
Key word: Syntactic function; as
I. Syntactic Functions of AS
1. Serving as a subject or a subjective complement in a sentence
As serves as a subject in a non-defining attributive clause, and its antecedent is not a noun but the sentence. For example, Slowly and carefully he made up his mind, as was his nature. As in this clause represents slowly and carefully he made up his mind. The attributive clause introduced by as can also be placed in the main clause. For example, He, as is customary with him, goes to work at 7 o'clock in the morning. / Gunpowder, as we all know, was invented in ancient China. In the omitted attributive clause formed by as + past participle, as serves as subject and represent the main clause. In such structure, is is omitted. For instance, As already stated, friction is one of source of heat.
When as introduces a defining attributive alone, it works as a relative pronoun and serves as subjective complement in the clause. For example, This improvement has led to the development of more complicated measuring instruments, or meters as they are called. As refers to meters and serves as subjective complement in the clause. When as works with the present participle, it serves as subjective complement. For example, He is sometimes portrayed as belonging to another country.
2. Serving as an object or an objective complement in a sentence
As serves as object in the clause and represents the main clause. For instance, The best method of treating motion is to consider motion of the center of mass and motion about the center of mass, as we shall see in future chapter. As is...

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