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An Ideal Relationship Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 17, 2013
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Can there ever be such a thing as a “perfect” relationship? While some people may believe perfection could actually be achieved, I am not so sure. Because we are all imperfect creatures it stands to reason that we can never be perfect in any endeavor, including our endeavors to find and sustain a perfect relationship. While there may not be a perfect Mr. Right waiting on the horizon for me, I do believe that there are several very important character traits that my life partner must possess if there is to be any chance for us to build and maintain a lifelong relationship.
I am a very family-orientated person. My extended family includes several dozen people from all across the country. Because these people are all so very important to me it is imperative that my future husband not only be aware of this, but he must also be someone who realizes the value of maintaining close ties with family members. I once dated a guy who was a loner; he really wasn’t close to anyone. Because he had no close ties with any of his family members. He had a hard time understanding why I insisted on keeping in constant contact with my own family. This “family issue” soon became a constant point of contention between us. Neither of us was willing to compromise and eventually, we broke up.
Environmental issues are of extreme importance to me. I am especially interested in eradicating aquatic pollution and intend to become a marine biologist when I graduate from college. I firmly believe that preserving a safe environment, both on land and sea, are a moral issue. I have no tolerance for people, who do not realize that unless we all join together to clean up the damage that hundreds of years of industrialization has done to our planet, we are facing a future in which Earth could become to toxic to sustain any life at all. My future husband must be a man who not only realizes the gravity of this situation but who also is committed to environmental issues.
If I were to rank qualities...

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