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Eric Gulczynski
Observation Rough Draft

The Soccer Pitch
There many places that people call their “safe-haven”.   Mine would have to be the soccer stadium at Millennium High School. I remember when I first went on the field as a freshman in my high school years; we actually had a packed stadium to play against our local rivals. The pitch was moist and muddy from the storm the night before, so it set the perfect setting for the match. The atmosphere was something like I’ve never felt before.   I was one of the only freshmen on the squad so I knew it was an honor to represent my school at such a young age. Ever since that moment, I’ve viewed this stadium as my safe-haven.   The feeling that I get walking into that stadium is just a pure shot of adrenaline.   It brings me back to all my games that I’ve played there. There were many emotions spilled on to that field by teammates and myself. Mostly positive emotions, but definitely some negative.
My first day of observation was quite interesting. I saw a lot of my former teammates who were younger than me when I was finishing up my high school career out practicing and getting ready for the tryouts that are upcoming this week. The looks on their faces and the rigor in their workouts sent out a vibe that they were serious about this upcoming season and that they want to make a statement. It was a great feeling seeing my former teammates working so hard. Their work ethics also made me remember how I use to practice so hard and make sure that I was in the starting 11 for every match.   I later saw my former coach make an appearance; he saw my teammates working hard and praised them for their efforts. It looks like they have made a good impression on the coach’s choice for this season’s squad. As the day was drawing to a close, everyone gathered their belongings and started heading home.
The second day of observation was very similar to the first. More people came out this time and the coach was out there...

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