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Analysis of I Want a Wife

  • Submitted by: senselessnumber
  • on November 18, 2013
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Clement Rowe
Mrs. Johnston
English 101
The essay by Judy Brady “I Want a Wife” contains very little organization. What organization it does have is only that which separates the duties of the so called “wife” into different categories such as house cleaning and caring for the physical needs of the husband and children. In trying to hook the reader into her essay, Brady at the beginning of her piece says, “I belong to that unique classification known as wives…” This hooks the reader because we assume that an essay titled “I Want a Wife” would be written by a man. That she is a wife means that she knows a lot about what it is to be a wife and is in a, not exactly unique, but defiantly better position than many to write on this subject. And in turn, this makes her very believable when reading the essay.
Judy Brady is talking to many different people with her essay, in many ways she’s talking to everyone from young adults and all the way up in age. People at different ages will react differently to her essay and when you take into account the different ways of thinking of people it is impossible to predict how they will react to her essay. However many women, especially women who are younger and have not married, will probably react by choosing their husbands more wisely and not think that all they have to do as a wife is be the full time maid, organizer and birthing tool. She explain her main claims very well, however they are not very logical for this day and age, when you look at the average household these days the work is evenly divided up between both of the partners. The wife may be the one doing the cleaning, but it may be because she is better at it, has the time to do it, or they just agreed she would do it the majority of the time. The Support she gives for her argument seems to be adequate for the time period in which she was writing this for, that is, the mid 1900s.

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