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Analyzing an Income Statement Essay

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Analyzing an Income Statement
Misty L Watson
ACC230 Financial Reporting:   Peeking Under the Financial Hood
November 24, 2012
Nathan McDaniel

Analyzing an Income Statement
Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak) showed a significant amount of growth in their overall sales from 2003 to 2004.   This increase was $608 million equivalent to a 5% increase in sales.   This increase was reported to be directly associated with an increase in sales volume, acquisitions and favorable exchange.   The growth in digital imagery technology in the marketplace is reflected respectively in Kodak’s reported revenues.   Their revenues reflect an 11% loss in sales of traditional products from the prior year and an increase of %42 percent in digital products.
Kodak reported a 4% decrease in gross profit margin which was reported to be attributed to the decreases reported in traditional product sales among other products and services.   The statements reflect a an increase in favorable exchange which offset the impact in the gross profit margin reported from traditional product sales and services.  
Kodak paid out 2% of their annual total of sales, general and administrative (SG&A) expenses as the result of legal settlements finalized and disclosed in 2004.   However, overall Kodak reported a decrease of 4% in SG&A expenses from the prior year.   This decrease was possible due to a decrease in wages paid with staff eliminations in relation to their “focused cost reduction programs.”
Kodak implemented a large research and development project to increase their efforts in digital technology products.   This increase in research and development increased their expenses in this category by 10% from the prior year.
The earnings per share more than doubled from the prior year contributable to operations from earnings reported from...

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